Friday, 5 July 2013

Darksphere 40k Tournament

For the last month and a bit I have been preparing for the first ever Darksphere 40k Tournamant. Now someone once said that it is not your list, it's your gameplay. The final version of my Army List (Final Mk2) was the 28th version. Not sure what that says.
Anyway, here is a overview of my army as it will be fielded tomorrow (Saturday 06 June):

A few of things to note.
1) I am not bringing a flyer. I have used the Stormraven a couple of times and never really got on with it. Obviously a couple of games (well three) is not really enough to make a judgement on a multifaceted tool like a flyer, but I thought I would stick with things I am more comfortable with. So, I am basically hoping that most people will be flyer free.
2) I am not going to be Deep Striking anything. Sometimes that can do something amazing in a game, but I have a tendency to place the Deep Striking squad somewhere stupid and/or not getting it in until turn 4. So,...
3) ...instead I am going to reply on transports to get my troops to critical points. For the first time ever I am putting Terminators in a Chimera.
4) Finally, I will for the first time ever be bringing two Dreadnoughts. I had hoped to make the both Psyflemen, but was not able to get the additional Autocannons in on time. So, one will be armed with Fist and Lascannon.
I will post reports from both days (unless I am completely crushed, in which case I may not...)


  1. That looks like a nice rounded list. Good luck!

    1. Thank you. Had to pull out due to child being unwell, but had fun on day 1.