Saturday, 13 July 2013

Post Tournament

Sadly I was unable to complete the DS tournament due to my daughter being unwell. I think she would probably have surviced without me, but it was just as much about being a good dad and a good husband. So, I got three games in. I was butchered by Eldar on jetbikes, narrowly won against Space Marines and narrowly lost against Grey Knights (an epic Coteaz vs. Coteaz smack down).
I was going to take lots of pictures, but the excitement of the battles kinda got in the way. I am still determined to do a proper battle report one day.
Still, I did manage to get some pictures from the day:
Some rather cool looking Eldar Jetbikes preparing to do in my Grey Knights

A key moment in my struggle with the Eldar where things hang in the balance and then go very much against me.
A scary moment in my fight against Space Marines when I am drop podded for thr first time.
My inquistor directing the battle from the back row
And finally a picture of my Coteaz model. I have to say, I am quite pleased with how this one came out.

Now, although I was not able to complete the tournament, I did learn two things:

Coteaz adds a lot of nice flexibility to an army what with all the Warbands as troops goodness. Now that I have found a Coteaz model I like I will certainly pursue Coteaz lists more. I am thinking of doing some Fluffy battle reports around this guy.

I have occaionally used a Dreadnought in my army, and is usually gets blown up in short order. What is the solution?? More Dreadnoughts. I have splashed out a bit this month on Ebay and will shortly have no fewer than four Dreadnoughts to play with!!

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