Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Slow Grow week 1 vs. Iron Hands Successors

After a rather long absence I am back, yay.
The reason for my return is that Iron Father Mike, a veteran of Darksphere has organised another Slow Grow League. This is the second time Mike has organised this, but the first time I had to drop out. This time I am determined to not only complete the Slow Grow, but also to document every game.
The Slow Grow is three games each of 400p; 750p; 1000p and 1500p. 
So, here is Game one 400 Points.
My List:
Grey Knights
Strike Squad (5 GKs)
Dread Knight
Opponent's List:
Blood Angels:
Librarian with jump pack
2xTactical Squad with Missile Launcher
Vanguard Jump Squad
The Game was Maelstrom: Deadlock; with Vanguard Strike Deployment.
I got Purge Soul and Gate of Infinity as my Psychic Powers; and First to the Fray Warlord Trait.
Blood Angels won the right to decide who should deploy first, and they decided to go first.
After deployment:

My opponent deployed all his army. I deployed only the Dreadknight. The Strike Squad and Librarian went into reserve (seemed a safe bet as my warlord trait would guarantee first turn arrival).
I then proceeded to steal the initiative!
This was the situation at the end of my Turn 1:

My Dreadknight has Shunted towards the Tac Squad in the top middle of the picture and incinerated two of them to death. The Librarian and the Strike Squad had Deep Strike'd in the open space in the middle. The Grey Knight Librarian used Purge Soul to take a wound off the Blood Angels Liberian. who was then finished off by three Psyk-out Grenades in the shooting phase.

This is the situation at the end of my opponent's Turn 1.

Shooting and close combat took down two members of the Strike Squad. However, three Vanguard also die in close combat. The Tac Squad facing the Dreadknight cause no damage.

At the end of my Turn 2 the table looks like this:

The Dreadknight has stomped all over the Tac Squad (top left). The remaining Vanguard have fallen with no damage to the Strike Squad. However, the Grey Knight Librarian did manage to peril, although got away with just a lost wound. Not seen on this picture the Dreadknight and the Strike Squad Consolidate towards the remaining Tac Squad.

The Tac Squad manage to kill another Strike Squad marine:

In my turn the Strike Squad and the Librarian get into close combat with the Tac Squad. the Dreadknight fails his charge. At the end of the turn the Tac Squad has been reduced to one bolter marine and one missile launcher marine.

 Nothing much happens on the Blood angels turn. He fails to wound and I fail to wound.
In my turn 4 the Dreadknight gets into close combat, with predictable results...:

The game ends with no Blood Angels left and three Grey Knight models left on the table. That is a 100% casualty rate for the Blood Angels and a 57% loss rate for the Grey Knight, A high loss rate all round.

Significant elements of this game were:
- I managed to steal the initiative which had a major impact on the game. It basically meant that the jump Vanguard were pinned in their corner. I.e. pure luck there.
- On three occasions a Blood Angels Krak missile needed a 2+ to wound (and on two occasions autokill), yet rolled a 1! Again, good luck for me.
- Despite being a Maelstrom mission not a single Tactical Objective point was scored. The game ended with 3/0 to the Grey Knights: First Blood; Kill the Warlord; and Line Breaker.



  1. Good to see a blog of the slow grow.
    How did you manage to throw 3 psyk out grenades though? Aren't they limited to one thrown per unit per shooting phase like other grenades?

  2. Good to see a blog of the slow grow.
    How did you manage to throw 3 psyk out grenades though? Aren't they limited to one thrown per unit per shooting phase like other grenades?

  3. You are absolutely right. That was my mistake. Did not make a difference to the outcome as the first peril killed the Libby, but still. Will have to remember that for future use!