Sunday, 25 August 2013

Darksphere Kill Team League Day 3

Day  of the League went better. I lost once and won twice.
Again I failed against the pesky Chaos Bikers, here seen at the beginning of the fight:
Saving grace was that Brother Courage did manage to kill the biker leader in close combat earning him another Gold Medal.
I then won against Space Marine Stern Guards with a Rhino. The picture shows the last move of the fight, where my surviving team members bravely shoot up an empty, immobilised, all weapons destroyed Rhino:
It may seem OTT to spend time on killing a helpless Rhino, but it earned me a clean sweep, and thus a valuable League point.
Brother Courage again kills the enemy leader, this time with his stormbolter earning him a Silver Medal.
Final fight was against Tau:
My leader finally manages to get into close combat, although Brother Horizon robs him of a leader kill:
The only black mark in an otherwise good fight was that Brother Overkill manages to get himself killed in close combat with a Tau firewarrior. Needless to say this is not an impressive event for a Grey Knight. He thus earned himself the order of the Golden Rabbit...
...which he shall wear until such a time as he redeems himself with a suitable heroic act. He did manage to destroy the Tau skimmer by himself - BUT that really is what he is there to do, so no special credit on that one!
Brother Courage with his three Medals:
Brother Horizon with his Gold Medal:
My leader got +1 BS (the servo skull) and +1S on the Stormbolter (now S6 - and symbolised by the skull barrel):

All told my leader now has: Fleshbane; Fleet; Stealth; +1 LD (LD10); +1 WS (WS5); +1 BS (BS5); gets +2I (I6) from the Halberd - which is also an AP3 Force Weapon; and carries a S6 Stormbolter. He can therefore dish out some serious hurt both in shooting and in CC. However, with just 1 wound he is also rather fragile. My hope is that I will be able to earn him an extra wound or two and/or some extra Toughness.

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