Saturday, 11 July 2015

Slow Grow Week 5 Vs. Awesome Chaos Noise Marines

In week five of the slow grow (tecnically week 6 but I am currently a week behind so for me game 5) I was up against a fantastically painted and magificantly themed Chaos Space Marine Army.
It pretty quickly decended into a close combat brawl, so again I will just put up some pictures of the action, mainly to show off my opponent's superb models.
Noise Marines dialing in up to 11!!

Then the game. Whilst the Noise Marines were beautiful, it was a list dsigned to look good, rather than maximising power. Hence, the Grey Knighs won - which is a shame as this army deserves to rule!
Set up:
Turn 2:
Turn 3:
Turn 4:
The End:
Next week I will catch up on the week I was abroad. This will be 750p against Nids. Not had a lot of luck against Nids, so we shall see...


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    1. Yeah, they are really beautiful. Perfectly themed and the paint work is great.