Friday, 31 July 2015

Slow Grow Week 8 Vs. Renegades and Heretics

This ended bing one of the most fluffy games I have yet played. My opponent used the Renegades and Heretics rules from the Siege of Vraks. Clearly they needed to be show the error of their ways by the Grey Knights before their heretical ways could attract the attention of the denizens of the warp.
My 1000 point list has a total of nine models (my count-as-Draigo model (in my fluff he is a radical Inquisitor who has used all sorts of Warp magik to boost his power - more on that another day), a Librarian, two Dreadknights, and 5 Terminators). My opponent had 108 models, leaving my Grey Knights outnumbered 12/1! My opponent had loads of cultists and a horde of zombies.
The heretic hordes are massing:

The heretics go first, and their Warlord, being a Level 1 Psyker casts Iron Arm using three dice: 466. Oops, perils. Rolls on Perils table: 1 - Dragged into the warp, oh no. Heretics have 4+D6 Leadership. Rolls D6: 5, nice Leadership 9! Rolls leadership: 11 - oh crap - Warlord removed as casualty, and D6 other models suffer S6, AP1 hits. Rolls D6: 6. argh. After to wound roll four further dead, including some key Champion/enforcer models. No doubt the most painful perils I have seen in any game so far.
Also, Slay the Warlord and First Blood to me - ouch:

A tense game follows with neither side having much of an advantage. One Dreadknight is tied down all game by Zombies:
The Turn after this picture was taken...:
That Dreadknight (on two wounds) survives a total of 48 close combat attacks!
The game ends with an 8/7 victory to the Grey Knights. A very close game, and one that showed the tenacity of Zombies...
...still bloody locked on combat...

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