Friday, 22 February 2013

3x3 500p Relic Scrum

Darksphere is continuing its slow-grow still on 500p. This week the card players nicked three of the 40k tables leaving three. Eight people turned up, so something had to be done. That something was one 1-1 game, and one epic 3x3 game: Grey Knights, Ravenwing and Codex Space Marines on one side and Chaos Space Marines x 2 and Dark Eldar on the other.
We rolled for mission and came up with Relic. Predictably, the game rapidly moved towards a massive scrum around the relic, and much fun was had all round. Below a few pictures detailing the action.

Deployment took about an hour. Deploying a total of 3000 points across six people takes an impressive amount of time.
White Hat Forces are deployed along the left side. Black Hats along the right side.

The hill right at the back (Chaos Hill) became the home to about 20 Chaos Marines for most of the game. The relic would be the scene of the most intense fighting of the game.

An Inquisitor and his warband supported by Codex Marines awaits the Chaos onslaught. The green dice is the Relic (below).

Turn 1 involved Chaos (with the initiative) surging towards the objective - and the imperial forces considering the merits of a target rich environment (below).

The Chaos Marines at the back on the right start their occupation of Chaos Hill - where they would remain most of the game until failing to walk off it towards the end (difficult terrain roll fail).

Dark Eldar play interference as a line of Chaos marines (in the distance) move to claim the Relic (below).

Chaos and Xenos close in (below).

But, that's all right. Str 6 Ap 3 Psychic Barrage from teh Inquisitor's warband will make short work of the hordes of enemies, right..?..
Wrong, the big enpty space behind the inquistor is where the psychers were before being eaten by the Warp (below).

Space Marines and Grey Knights are taking heavy casualties, the Inquisitor and his warband are locked in combat with an overwhelming force of ... two ... wyches. Then is a cloud of dust, the bikers arrive (below).

"Go get em boys. The Inquisition's got your back" (below).

At the end of Turn four both sides are deadlocked around the relic with Chaos Marines stuck on Chaos Hill and Chaos Termies slowly plodding towards the scrum from a problematic deep strike. (both off picture). Everybody has to catch trains to game ends with a draw (below).

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