Thursday, 7 February 2013

Slow grow at Darksphere (record of battles)

Pictures to be included when I get the time.
Day 1 (500p).
Game 1 vs Guard:
Lost badly, Psykers flopped badly, only actually shooting once. Lots of bad rolls (especially reserve rolls), bad placement of Strike Squads. Inquisitor ruled with Psycannon.

Game 2 vs. Orks:
Won big, all units did quite well, Crusaders absorbed a Huge amount of damage, Inquisitor rules with Psycannon and Nemesis Daemon hammer.

Game 3 vs. Chaos marines (with lots of cultists).
Lost by 1 point (damn), Psykers started out well until they all died to Perils in round two, Crusaders again absorbed lots of damage, and the Inquisitor ruled with Psycannon and hammer (killing the Chaos warlord).

Lessons: need to get better at placing Strike Squads when deep striking; really must remember to actually case prescience; Crusaders are great at absorbing damage; psycannons rock (especially when I remember they are Rending).

All, in all I am happy with the list (will upload when I get time) as it stands.


  1. I think the death of the deep striking Strike Squad was probably a major turning point. The Sentinels were dangerous but not causing a huge amount of damage, while the Veteran Squad murders a marine squad at short range about half the time. With Deep Striking you have the advantage of placing so you can try and find the best point to murder specific weapons early on - also try and place over 12" away from the specialist - the demo charge has a very short range and if I can't get him in range of your squad, I can't shoot them.

    1. I basically agree with that analysis. I was thinking about what went wrong there, and that deep strike was a bad move. I also think placing both Strike Squads in reserve was a mistake. With bad reserve rolling my Inquistor warband had to absorb two rounds of fire.