Sunday, 3 February 2013

New model, yay

The excellent Darksphere people are running a slow grow (starting at 500p) this year. I am really looking forward to that. Based on Facebook chatter there will be a good spread of good people there with a nice mix of armies.
Now, 500p for Grey Knights is a tricky list to put together. What do I hear?? Is that you screaming 'Coteaz! Coteaz! Coteaz!'?? I hear you, BUT whilst that might make sense, I tend to run lists based on what models I am currently in love with.
Aaaannnd, right now I am in love with this guy:

I was reminded of this model by: Master Crafted
That is a lovely coversion and I am not claiming that my efforts come anywhere near, but I am quite happy with my pait job on this.
The reason I am particularly in love with this model is that is it reportedly inspired by Ian Watson's Inquisitor:
This was not only the first 40k novel I read (and Games Workshop's first novel), it was also this book which inspired me to get back into the Hobby.
So, my slow grow will be built around this model. I do think I have a good list lined up. I am determined to make a full record of all my Darksphere slow grow games on this blog, so watch this spave for more...

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