Saturday, 10 August 2013

Darksphere Kill Team League

The lovely people at Darksphere are running an eight week long Kill Team league. Kill Team involves forces of just 200 points and each model is operated as an independent unit. Rules can be found here (not this is a 3.23 MB file. After a few weeks of practise the league started this week. The small dynamic games are a lot of fun and makes for a nice change from the tendency towards ever larger things in 40k.

I used my usual Grey Knights, and decided to put together a fairly 'fluffy' force. The force itself is perfectly competitive, but I have added some character to the models. The leader can achieve upgrades after each game and three of your models are 'Specialists' in that they can have one of a selection of Special Rules from the main rulebook.
These are the members of my Kill Team before the first game.
The 'fluff' behind the team is that they are from a secret 'Black Ops' section of the Inquisition - dedicated to purging obstacles to the Inquisition's plans (as defined by shadowy masters high in the Inquisition). These obstacles may be both outside and inside the Imperium. Due to the morally ambiguous nature of the work the members of this Purge Troupe are not Grey Knights but psykers who have been identified as having a certain moral flexibility that allows them to carry out the Inquisitions internal and external dirty work. They are trained as Space Marines and get some Grey Knight training, but they are far from the noble Ideal of a Grey Knight. 
The team leader Inquisitor Ialonus Contrebis (Interceptor Justicar with halberd - has Fleshbane).

 Heavy weapons specialist Brother "Overkill" (Interceptor Grey Knight with Psycannon and Relentless).
Stormbolter Trooper Brother "Punk" (Interceptor Grey Knight)
Stormbolter Trooper Brother "Horizon" (Interceptor Grey Knight)
Stormbolter Trooper "Brother" "Honest" (Interceptor Grey Knight)
Warrior Monk Brother "Courage" (Grey Knight Paladin with Eternal Warrior).
My plan is to modify the models a bit each week to commemorate special achievements. I will focus especially on the extra bonuses that my team leader will acquire each week and give medals to any team member that manages to kill a opposing team's leader.

Depending on my time availability I will try to do small reports from each game.

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