Thursday, 20 December 2012

Expanding that losing feeling

So, managed to lose another game, but in a new and creative way: this time I decided it was a good idea to get up close and personal with Eldar. I forgot that Eldar weapons are short ranged, and got far too close. Having seen the results of close range fire I still pressed in. Basically, when the Eldar player pulls back, do not run in after him (you idiot). However, the Eldar player, whose name I have momentarily forgotten, was one of those one of those Good Gamers that makes losing a fun and learning experience. In short, a good evening.

What was interesting was that my only surviving models this evening were from the Inqusitor Warband that I added to my list. They are the guys in the red circle.
They had just taken out the crew of the Eldar cannons and were about to stomp on the Rangers.

I will most certainly continue to explore the use of warbands, especially using Coteaz.
I do not much like the Coteaz model. It is quite nice but the massive ermin and the eagle are off putting. So, I have been using my own version. Here he is moments after the Terminators he was with got blown away by a massive cloud of shuriken, and moments before he charged the Wraithlord (yeah, like, whatever, leave me alone, it could have worked...

...although on this particular occasion it did not...)
In conclusion, warbands will be The New Black (especially in combination with the Dreadknight that may be under the Christmas tree... more on that later...).


  1. I'm glad you managed to pick up a game. I really need to get back to 40K nights, but it was the work Christmas party yesterday... I'm almost compis mentis again now.

  2. Never played Eldar before, so it was a new army to lose to! Darksphere have finished their evening things untilm after New Year I believe. I will certainly continue to be there regularly (although not until 2nd week of Jan).