Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Solomon Lok army, Termies and Interceptors

Here are the models from the list two posts back. Not a great paint job, I know, but I am happy with them. This is sans Mr. Lok's warband.

The glass at the back contains a rather nice Danish snaps.

Very smoothe and pleasent.
For reasons of regional loyalty I still have to say that Svendborg Gylden is better. I do not currently have a bottle of this so the below picture of from the interweb.
Spirits do not usually survive long in this household, but the snaps my brother gave me last Christmas still lives.
I did ask for 'an interesting snaps', and my brother most certainly delivered. It is infused with this mushroom...
...and is probably one of the most unique tastes I have ever come across...

...anyway, that might be a slight detour away from the whole wargaming thing...ehm...
So, as I was saying, I hope to soon have an opportunity to test the Lok List.

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