Saturday, 1 December 2012

My dice are cursed.

Yep, they really really really are!
At an Apocalypse Game last weekend I again used the Vindicare assassin to hunt tanks again, this time targeting an Eldar Falcon.

Again, 2+ to hit, and if that fails a 4+, 4D6 to penetrate armour. Front armour on a Falcon? 12. 12 with 4D6? Easy!! Falcon is going down in a major way!
Except, my dice are cursed.
Turn 1: Roll a 1. Not a problem. Just need 4+. Roll a 2.
Turn 2: Roll a 1. Please, let me get a 4+. Roll a 3.
Turn 3: Falcon has been wrecked by other bits of my army, so turn my attention to Eldar-Boss-Type-Person.
Clear line of sight. 2+/4+ to hit. Eldar boss only has one wound left. I roll a 4 *HIT* YAY.
Hellfire ammunition means I just need a 2+ to wound. I roll...
My dice are cursed...
Eldar Boss goes on to blow up my Land Raider with a Vortex granade.

Now, according to this interesting article, GW dice do roll about 29 percent 1s (should be about 16.6 percent), but still!!!
So, yeah, my dice are cursed.
The solution: Guranteed curse-free casino dice.
Oh yes!

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