Saturday 1 December 2012

First Victory

Having had by bottom comprehensively slapped in my first four games I finally managed a victory in a closely fought battle against Imperial Guard.
My opponent fielded a rather attractive Imperial Guard Army. Those Rough Riders carry a mean punch in their first attack and wiped out my Interceptors. The rocket tank on the far left wrecked havoc on my back field.
This battle could have gone either way and was very dynamic. There were several strikes and counter strikes, each of which, had things worked out just a little bit differently, could have changed the game fundamentally. It was also one of my most enjoyable games so far. Not because I won - really this game could have gone either way. But because: 1) I had finally gotten slightly more to grips with the rules; 2) my opponent and I were roughly of equal experience; and 3) most importantly my opponent knew games etiquette. This last one I have realised is key to an enjoyable game. Fortunately, most of my opponents have known games etiquette, but not always. Bad etiquette destroys the gaming experience. Will probably write something about that later.
Anyway, a good tightly fought game, will try to write up a proper report at some point.
The, for me, most peculiar part of the game was a duel between my Vindicare (super sniper - using an Infinity model) and a Leman Russ tank.

Vindicares are designed for tank killing. Almost impossible not to hit the target with a Vindicare. BS8 so just need a 2+, and if that fails a 4+. Once the target has been hit armour benetration is with 4D6 - easy! Yeah, there is something wrong with my dice! Round 1: hit, no armour penetration; Round 2: hit, no armour penetration; finally on Round 3 manage to penetrate the front armour of the Leman Russ and is rewarded with a nice big explosion. Still, I am starting to feel there is something wrong with my dice...


  1. It was a fun game, and hope to play you again some time!

    1. It was fun indeed. I am at Dark Sphere again this week, and next. Always happy to give you a game.