Saturday, 1 December 2012

Returning to 40k

Some time in the mid 1990s my brave gang of Eldar warriors faced a frontal assault by an army of Space Marines in Terminator armour. A valuable lesson was learnt that day: yes, terminator armour is tough, but if you have enough shots even a 2+ save will eventually fail. Hence, walking Terminators into a gunline is not a good idea...
The final outcome of the battle, and indeed the Eldar army itself, have been lost in the intervening years. I moved away, lost touched with my usual circle of players, and did other stuff...
However, in the spring of this year I found my old copy of Ian Watson's Inquisitor, which inspired me to get back into The Hobby.
This blog, written mainly for my own amusement, will chronicle my return to 40k.

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