Sunday, 25 August 2013

Darksphere Kill Team League Day 2

Day 2 of the league did not go so well...
I lost twice and sat one round out (uneven number of players)
My brave leader got him self killed twice.
The first time a Chaos biker Hammer of Wrath-ed him to death. This is moments before the inglorious death
My leader is in the bottom right hand corner. The biker about to do the fell deed is just to the right of the round building. I then lost.
Then my leader tried to charge a Plague Marine, and got himself Wall of Death'ed to death.
Here my leader is just about to spring the fiendishly clever trap, which goes seriously ploin shaped, and I loose.
The only mildly impressive thing of the night was Brother Courage standing up to two chaos Terminators. He takes three AP2 wounds, and has only his 5++ save to get him through. Slim odds indeed...
But he bravely fights on through!
Then he dies and I loose.
My leader gets +1WS (as symbolised by the book on the halberd:
...and +1S on the stormbolter (as symbolised by the new gun with gold tipped bolts):
I still, somehow, manage to end up in Third Place, mainly due to a lot of people from day 1 not turning up.

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