Sunday, 11 August 2013

Darksphere Kill Team League Game 2 vs. Death Company

My second game was against a Blood Angels Death Company. This was an interesting game. Two Jump Infantry forces made for a very dynamic game. However, looking at my pictures I am struggling to make sense of what happens. Basically we are talking 11 models of which 10 can jump 12", all moving independently. I need to take more pictures...
Still, in basic terms both sides moved up opposite flanks and then met in the middle, with Brother Courage, being in Terminator armour went straight in.

His move forward, with a single Death Guardist going for the objective on the tower:
I moved Brother Overkill onto the ruin the Deathguard were hiding by to get a good shot at them, after which the survivors take up new positions:
I have not lost any models yet and am able to focus a lot of bolter shots on what is left of his force. His leader charges Brother Courage, who survives the onslaught and bashes his opponent down with his hammer, earning a commendation for defeating an enemy leader in personal combat.
This is the board at the end:
At this stage he fails his break test and the game ends. We tally up the scores and I end up with a comfortable win.

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