Saturday, 10 August 2013

Darksphere Kill Team League Game 1 vs. Orks

My first game was against Orks. My band of six brave (if flawed) souls against 20 odd orks. We rolled up and I went first.
This is the field after my opening move.

Brother Overkill has 'Shunted' to the back of the table next to my opponent's leader. "Brother" Honest has Shunted onto the structure at the back. Brothers Punk and Horizon is laying down cover fire from the ruin in the bottom left of the picture. Brother Courage is moving forward against the horde of orks. Inquisitor Contrebis is hiding behind the circular structure. My first priority is the heavy weapons and the Ork leader (hence Overkill's shunt to the back of the Ork deployment zone):
He opens up with four S7 shots and successfully guns down the Ork leader.
My opponent is not amused:

 At least five orks open up on Brother Overkill. When the smoke clears he is still standing and the orks decide to get personal:
Brother Overkill disappears under a cloud of Orks.

However, Brother Overkill is the only casualty and I manage to reduce the Ork numbers somewhat:
I jump "Brother" Honest to the right hand side of my opponent's deployment zone, and put Brother Horizon on the building in the middle at the back. Inquisitor Contrebis jumps to the other side of the circular building. Brother Courage moves forward a bit. Inquisitor Contrebis guns down the remaining heavy weapons orks.

At this stage I seem to have stopped taking pictures. But from memory what happens is that all the Orks at the back go for "Brother" Honest (who is on the right at the back). Half of the orks in the middle group go after Brother Courage whilst the other half go after Inquisitor Contrebis. Shooting does very little (puts a wound on Brother Courage I think). However, in close combat Brother "Honest", Brother Courage and Inquisitor all fall - taking some orks with them.
At this stage we are are both below half strength. I have only two models left, but they are well placed so I am not too worried. All I have to do is a take break test (i.e. roll 8+) and I should be able to deal with the remaining orks:
Ah well...
My survivors retreat and we add up points (apparenrly running away does not mean losing - merely a strategic retreat which means the game ends).
Both sides have eight points for a draw.

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