Sunday, 11 August 2013

Darksphere Kill Team Tournament post-Day 1

One of the fun things about Kill Team is that your Leader can roll for extra abilities and special rules after each game. On Day 1 of the League my leader, Inquisitor Contrebis got: +1 leadership; Fleet; and Stealth. He also had Fleshbane from the beginning.

I have tried adding things to the model to symbolise these bonuses and abilities (and will continue to do so throughout the time of the League - Contrebis should be quite a sight by the end...)
Brother Courage got a Golden Skull for defeating an enemy Leader in personal combat (Death Company Veteran marine).

Brother Overkill got a Silver Skull for shooting an enemy Leader (an Ork).
So, after Day 1 I have one draw, one defeat and one win. Not sure where I am overall in the League. The Day 1 scores are yet to be made official.


  1. Nice to upgrade the actual models :)

    1. Thanks. It gives it a certain narrative feel I think.