Sunday, 11 August 2013

Darksphere Kill Team League Game 3 vs. Sternguard Veterans

In the final game I am up against Sternguard Veterans.
My opponent's main tactic is basically to stay well back and let me come to him so he can throw as many AP3 Vengeance Rounds at as possible. I did not pay enough attention to the power of the Vengeance Rounds in this game, which was stupid considering I player this list just the week before.
Anyway, I move Brother Courage forward and jump Brother Overkill onto the roof of the red shed-like building for a shot at the Razorback. For some reason I keep the other four Interceptors back.
Brother Overkill scores a glance and a pen on the Razorback, but it has Shrouded and the hits are saved. Brother Overkill is then shot of the roof.

Brother Courage moves further forward and the rest of the Interceptors finally make a move.
Brother Courage is killed by combiplasma and combimelta shots.
I try to get my remaining force within charge distance...
...I fail all my charges and am then gunned down by Vengeance rounds for a comprehensive defeat.

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